Hey Ya’ll

self-portrait circa 2010 – coloured pencils on cardstock

j-sun davis

I am a creative focused on quality designs for graphic multi-replication, original art design, and service to my local community.

I draw, I create, I design, I learn, I engineer, I skate, I challenge status quo. Life is brilliant and short and hard. Let’s create a better world!

artist / creative / engineer / disabled vet / visualist / graphic artist / designer / resource gatherer / long boarder / earth ship builder / comic artist /   egalitarian / Afrofuturist / music lover / problem solver / guerilla gardner / decodifier / insert more here…

online store: http://www.organicparadox.com

visual diary: @theorganicparadox

tumblr too: organicparadox.tumblr.com

contact via email: organicparadox@gmail.com